Real Speculaas finally available in the US!

Yes, we did it! Van de Loo’s Original Real Speculaas is available in the United States. While cookies are immensely popular in the US, we from Van de Loo’s Original noticed that one of the most tasteful cookies in the world was missing in US stores: real speculaas.

Substitutes of speculaas, such as speculoos, are available, but do not get close to the real speculaas taste. Van de Loo’s Original now offers Dutch hand-baked speculaas with the traditional speculaas spices and real butter.

We want to thank the famous Holland Peanut Store in Holland Michigan, for being the first store in the US to carry our real speculaas. Quickly followed by more stores in the Washington DC area. We hope many more will follow to help us offer real speculaas to all speculaas fans in the US.

Peanut Store, Holland Michican